NOTE: All the android users are requested to use UCBrowser to download the file as it provides pause and resume support for the files being downloaded.

How to download?

Video Tutorial : -

Here is the answer to the questions - "How to download pratiyogita darpan magazine and samanya gyan darpan in pdf format?"
Step 1. Use search bar on the right of this page to search the magazine you want to download.
Step 2. Click to view the appropriate search result.
Step 3. Go to the end of the post and click "go to download link".
Step 4. Fill the required details and submit it.
Step 5. Click "Download Now" to download the magazine. See the whole process in short >>

How to get Generator link?

Step 1.
Step 1
Step 2. 
Step 2
Step 3.    
Step 3
Step 4.        
Step 4
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  1. Thanks Akash Kumar Sahu Your Work Is Pretty Hard & Impressive.. Thank You ...

  2. I can't open 7z file in my android system....please assist me to resolve this problem.

  3. Good if Generator link is not needed

  4. Doing Great job .....but i have a problem >> STEP 2 is not working .i comy the link and open the page the pages was remains constant (Blank page ) .please slove the problem

  5. get the generator link when I copy the link "" as mentioned in new tab....its coming blank

    1. Its because of an error that I've fixed recently. Try it now. It will surely work.

  6. Hello...Great. But there is no answer key of questions in all magazines. Hoe to get magazines with answer.

  7. thanks a lot for telling nice idea to download PD,

  8. How find generator code? I can not find generator code

  9. generator code was not to download this magazine


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